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Community visits

We welcome visits from any group with an interest in the quarry industry. We're always delighted to see people of all ages at the Somerset Earth Science Centre and will be pleased  to give you a tour of a local operating quarry. We can also deliver interactive talks that help you learn more about sustainable quarrying and the local environment.

The Mendip quarries provide a rich and varied resource for exploration and study. The area has a unique sedimentary and igneous geology, making it especially interesting to learn about.


With our guidance, your group can visit operating andesite and limestone quarries, plus important Local Geological Sites (SSSIs) created by old quarry works/closed sites (for example De la Beche Unconformity and Tedbury Camp, in Vallis Vale near Frome). We offer visits to operational quarries including Whatley, Moons Hill, Tor Works, Halecombe, Batts Combe and Callow Rock, with industry geologists available to accompany our tours. 


Here at the Centre, we have a stunning collection of Mendip rocks and fossil specimens collected from local quarries and field sites. We also have a collection of local geological maps.  

Community visits are available on week days, for groups of 5-20 visitors. The programme for your visit will depend on the needs of your group, time allowed and numbers so please do call us to discuss. The cost is subsidised by our sponsors, but we ask for a suggested donation of  £5 per person to help support our work.  

Previous visitors have included U3A Geology Group, Russell Society, Southampton Mineral Society and Trowbridge Camera Club.

Please bring your own sturdy footwear such as walking boots or wellies and warm outdoor wear for quarry tours. Please do not wear shorts and ensure tops have long sleeves. Full safety clothing to quarry standards will be provided, including high-visibility vests, hard hats, safety goggles and gloves.

Contact us to arrange your community visit to the Somerset Earth Science Centre.


"Thank you for the excellent presentations and the hospitality you showed towards our group during our visit yesterday. It was a real pleasure to come."

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