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Careers in the quarry industry

The biggest challenge facing the quarry industry is how to secure a talent pipeline for the future. The workforce is ageing, and young people are unaware of the range of career opportunities and apprenticeships available for them in this vibrant sector.

That is why we work closely with our sponsors and education partners to raise awareness of quarry careers and provide opportunities to experience the industry at first hand. 


Our team regularly hosts careers days at the Somerset Earth Science Centre. In addition, they visit local schools and colleges to talk about the range of roles available in local quarry companies.


We work with a team of STEM ambassadors from the Mendip Quarry Industry to provide workshops and learning experiences on- and off-site, including mock interviews, CV writing support and simulated projects. We also provide a venue for apprentice training, helping shape the next generation of Mendip quarry workers.   

These activities are part of our commitment to support our sponsors in securing the future of the quarry industry in the Mendips. Please contact us to find out more. 

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"[The quarry] is a great place to work - everyone is kind, upbeat and friendly and there is no end of support. Learning whilst working is - in my opinion - the best way to do it because I don't feel like I'm in a classroom but I will still be highly qualified at the end of the apprenticeship. Getting paid at the same time isn't bad either!

David Rexworthy, Apprentice

John Wainwright & Co.

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