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Key Stage 3 & 4: The Quarry Industry And Environmental Impact Management

This programme includes a quarry tour for all visitors and classroom sessions, plus a visit to an environmental screenbank. The quarry tour will take the students into an operating quarry and travel through the processes involved in extracting the rock, discussing the efforts made to minimise environmental impacts. The tour also allows the students to collect data on noise at different parts of the quarry and subjective scores of various impacts (noise, dust, vibration and visual) are recorded. Classroom sessions can look at how the quarry industry has changed Mendip's landscape over the last 100 years. Students will learn facts and figures about the industry today; look at the extraction process in detail; and, learn the many uses of rocks found in this area. We will ask the students to consider possible environmental impacts of the industry and then what measures would they put in place to minimise these impacts. This is an opportunity to take the students through the management schemes carried out in the quarrying industry. Looking into the future of Mendip quarries, restoration will be discussed and planning issues involved in extending these quarries, using real examples. Finally, if time allows, we can take the students up to a quarry perimeter screenbank and allow them to experience (and measure) its ability to minimise dust, noise and visual effect on the surrounding local environment.